How to make a appeal!


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Ban Appeal Template
When appealing please use this template or you will be rejected.
To use the template sign-in or register and copy and paste the questions in the spoiler below. Paste them in a Ban Appeal Thread and answer the blanks!

Click this to go to the Ban Appeal Thread

Your Username:

What was your punishment?

If banned type your Case ID here:

How long was your ban or mute?

Have you been banned on this server before?

Have you been banned on other servers before?

Why were you banned

Why should you be unbanned?

Upload any evidence to this post.
For files over 20MB please upload them somewhere else and link them below.

Link any evidence on other sites here:

Please review the rules and answer honestly; lying won't help your case.
Rules can be found here
Do you understand and accept our server rules?
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